In the classroom his notebooks filled with doodles and drawings of the thing he was best at, his art. On afternoons when he wasn’t bickering with his brothers he was sprawled out on the living room floor huddled over his sketchpad drawing a cartoon.  Every one of those cartoons had that same enormous grin; everyone was a self-portrait.   His ability was matched only by his creativity, creating art that was truly his own.  Of course his cartoons were his love.  From the time Brian was very little he drew caricatures and cartoons of everyone and everything around him.  Through his art he left a trace of himself behind; in the art gallery are a few of his drawings.

In addition to his innate talent for art, Brian dedicated himself to sports, something virtually required as a member of the ultra-competative Kane boys.  Although he was never the star of the show, scoring only a handful of goals every season, he was that rare person that makes a team what it is.  Always trying to make that first line in hockey, or get some plays in football, he never stopped working to get there.  Of course it was his laughter not his work ethic that made him the glue that pulls players together.  Whether in the locker room, at the end of the bench, or trying to smash a hockey stick over his head, he never failed in making his teammates laugh.

But it wasn’t his art or athletics that made him so special; it was his laugh.  His smile reflected like a mirror on those that were around him.  Brian lit up the world of everyone around him, and it was his friends who put it perfectly,  “He was the son every parent wanted, and the friend everyone needed.”  Brian’s passion for art, hockey, and wiffleball left an indelible mark on all that knew him, and hopefully through our efforts to honor his memory, he will make an impression on those that didn’t.

The 2013 Brian Kane Memorial Scholarship Tournament will be held on June 8, 2013  beginning at 9AM at the Groton-Dunstable Regional Middle School.  Sign-up now!