2006 Tournament Summary

RAIN               RAIN               MORE RAIN               WE WERE DOOMED
For the second time  in our annual Brian Kane tournament the skies offered a deluge of unbelievably consistent wind driven water….a horrendous day for Wiffle Ball. But as before the reliable, resilient and water resistant Wiffler’s played until the bitter end.
Take a look at the pictures and just try to imagine the chill of the rain and the ankle depths while at bat. Fortunately, EMC had offered some shirts that were wellcome relief at midday.(while looking at the pictures, identify yourself and give the team name, please)
And the end…..DOOM for the 4th time!!  This group of determined champions clearly have our number, but you must admire their tenacity and consistently clutch performances; they are a world class tough team. They are gracious winners, also. So much so…that with all the rain, all cameras had left the field and DOOM’s Andy offered his cell phone camera. KI n their modesty, thgey held onto the photos.
In second place, local Groton Team, Aggro Crag  gave DOOM a run for their money. This team of recent HS grads rose to the occasion with unexpected yet tremendous play.  Throughout the long morning session and then the single elimination playoffs, this Frank Dimaria led team showed relentless courage and skill beyond their years. We look forward to their return; this is a team that could have national ambitions.
Groton Teams through the years; Two Firsts; Bumbaclot and Smokey Bones; Two 2nd;, Aggro Crag….and the oddly named Margov.
A highlight amidst the showers was  the closest, most exciting finish to HR Derby ever. In these dreadful conditions, Dustin Maurice, Defending HR Derby champion . and the Unnamed Competitor (please identify yourself) battled to a tie at 16. Dusitn won in playoff round.Truly heroic.
To all the players…and our esteemed cadre of volunteers, please forgive our tardiness (that word is the weaksest description of our utter failure) to update the events of last year.. Not again.
Pray for Sun and remember Brian Kane, he loved this game!

The 2013 Brian Kane Memorial Scholarship Tournament will be held on June 8, 2013  beginning at 9AM at the Groton-Dunstable Regional Middle School.  Sign-up now!